Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas was here ... and finally gone ...

But that means I can show off my makings ... that was under someones tree =)

My nephew wanted some game or something that was totally unknown to me - so I when to the store and got a gift card. Which I decided had to be the most boring present ever for a 7 year old ... 
So I got this pattern for a Christmas Stocking ... and this is what I made to hide the gift card in: 

And to try out both types - I ended making one that I gave my dad :

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Yesterdays loot =)

An unplanned trip to town, and some most likely over the top shopping...
But I saw this project on someone blog the other day ... and I SO wanted to do it myself ... Most likely mine wont be as pretty as hers. She had a much easier letter to make look pretty. But more about that later ...

I got the buttons I needed for my project, $55 worth of buttons. Its fun not having a stash to use from and no thrift or second hand stores that sell anything useful...
But hopefully it will be a pretty project when its done =)
Here are the buttons:

I also got some tools for my sewing ... 2 sewing machine bobbins and ... something I don't know what you call in English - I usually just call it murderer, cause it kills tread when you need to undo things ... Yeah I know I'm morbid or weird ...  If someone know what the thing is called, please leave a comment and let me know.

And I got told that it was Sinterklaas (a Dutch December tradition - is all I know since I myself is not Dutch) yesterday, and feeling emo and having a bad day ... I figured out any reason for buying myself a present ... This is my new ruler:

I kinda needed the new ruler - I only had a "6in x 24in" and a "2,5in square"
My new one is a "6,5 in square" - damn thing costed me $30 but I guess its will be worth it =)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nice day =)

No one actually commented or said one way or the other if I should keep this blog alive or not ... so since I like to whine and nag and brag ... I will continue posting now and then ...

Today I got summoned by my mother ... apparently I needed a haircut ... Well I do agree ... Short and easy - just like I want it ...

Yeah Yeah I know this is a crafting blog ...
The good crafting side of the Saturday is my aunt was at her cottage, and she had some stuff she found for me ...  Some zippers - from short to very long. Some scrap bits of lace and ribbons - awesome stuff ...
And a box full of buttons ... and there was some really coooooool buttons in there too =)

I am so happy =)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Anyone still out there ?

I know its been forever since I updated my blog, but life happened I guess you can say. Health issues made it impossible to manage to be creative. But I been thinking and planing on things every day ...

I been planing on sewing things and maybe it wont be xmas presents this year ... but there will be a xmas next year too ...

So my question is ... Is anyone still out there - and want me back posting new stuff now and then  ?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Shop has Closed - for good.

Due to ArtFire's new rules, I can't afford a shop there anymore to try sell my stuff. I don't make or sell enough for it to make me any profit if I have to pay a monthly fee for the store. This has been and is a hobby for me.

If anyone out there hit their heads and want to buy something from me that is still possible, just contact me and we make a deal, and PayPal works for payments.

Thank you to all my customers and all those that are wearing my creations =)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I am JINXED!!!

I don't know whats wrong with me ...
I went to town today ... with a few reasons for doing so ...
I got my strawberries, tho by the time I gotten then home they where have way mushed into jam.

and I walked to the sewing store, and no open door ...
All I see is a dark store - and a note on the door.
So ... I change to a hobby that I at least can have a CHANCE to get some stuff and mats for in my town ... even gotten a sewing machine from there ...
And less than 2 months later ... the store is closing ...
Which I find ridiculous - this store has fair enough moved a few times ... but its been in town since before I was born ...

So I must be either jinxed or cursed or something ... everything I do seem to get messed up or broken ...

One good news tho ... I GOT CINEMA TICKETS .... HARRY POTTER 7:2.
Not the best seats - cause I forgot what date it was and left it to long to buy one ... but I did get a ticket ... so I am ready to go on Wednesday the 13th. Can't wait to see the ending.

Monday, June 27, 2011

My new bag =)

For those that have been reading my blog - might remember me having a horrible fit about some stretched fabric the other day. Well I did promise to post my finished project when I got so far...
AND NOW ITS DONE!!! And I am so happy. Ok so the fabric might have been a bit expensive - and there might have been some tantrums along the way... but the bag turned out awesome.
Its a "Lickety Split Bag" from "Made by Rae", and it was nice and easy to make after a good tutorial =)

It was suppose to have pockets on the sides - but since it was my first one - I decided not to add pockets and mess things up. I'll leave that for the next one ... maybe.

Sorry for the weird color of the picture - it's midnight, and the only place I could hang the bag well taking pics, was in the hall way where there is no windows, and it seems that power-saving bulbs don't work for taking pics. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Not my day ... or maybe its the project ...

I found this bag I wanted to make - first I have too little fabric, then I go get some fabric. And everything should be well right? Yeah you would think so - at least I did ...
But when I unfold the bundle of fabric I got - so I could prepare it for cutting ... And the damn thing is almost U-shaped, from when they ripped it off the role at the store. I tried for like an hour to yank it and stretch it and pull it ... to get it proper ...  But NO ...
Even desperate enough to call my mum for help. According to her pulling and stretching it should help ... after about the 3rd phone call she agreed to come by in the morning to assist me ...   So lets hope she can help ... or I will have to go down to the store again to see what they have for solution ...
Sometimes getting a new hobby you feel so useless cause you don't have a clue what the tricks and fixes are ...

Here is a piccy - with the edges on the fabric lined next to each other - and this being the middle ...

And part 2 of my whining ... I stopped by the library today ... they had 4 books about quilting ... 3 of then only showing pics of  finished things - but not explaining how you did it ... and the 4th book was something that was most likely older than me ... Not really impressed. Someone need to assign some money to upkeep the libraries - cause they are only having crap. OK I stop ranting ...

But at least I got a table and a chair sorted for my sewing machine - so just get my fabric fixed and I should be good to go =)

Monday, June 20, 2011

But I forgot the scissor ...

For some reason - even tho I only cut fabric with my seamstress scissors, just like my mom and grandma always told me, my scissors got a chip in the blade. And ofc that make cutting fabric a PITA.
So since my plans for today got canceled ... and it was estimated dry weather. I took a trip to town to get some scissors. I should guessed the day was going to be bad as soon as I stepped out my door and needed an umbrella. After 3 min in town I was SOAKING wet, even with an umbrella.
But back to the scissors. I checked the sewing store, and got lost in this "Rotary Cutters", don't even thing I saw any scissors. But the cute little rotary cutters costed 285NOK ($47.5) at the sewing shop, and I checked the hobby store 99NOK ($16.5). In the end I ended at a household-crafts-tools shop, they had the same "no name" brand one as the hobby store. But this time for 69NOK ($11.5) - and I got a "self-healing cutting mat" 99NOK ($16.5). And I was so happy with my shopping ...

But I forgot the scissors ...
Guess that's for next time then ... (plan is I have to go to town tomorrow too)

And ofc I had to try it when I got home. I found some misc fabrics, and a 2.5 inches plastic mold. And it is so much fun ... I have a problem tho ... no clue what to do with a million 2.5 inches patches, but I guess I can worry about that later.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pretty in pink ? or maybe not ...

Playing and sewing is fun - but today I was not in the mood to iron and other things. Some days its just too hot to iron right ?
So I found something that was fairly flat as it was. And I found this adorable bunny - works as a scent bag, if you have herbs or so in it. I didn't have herbs - so mine is stuffed with pillow stuffing
Pretty in Pink ?

Again I don't like the colors, but its the skills not the color that is the point when your starting out and practicing right? I know the bunny is suppose to have a face ... but that is on next skill level ...

I got some misc fabrics while visiting my mum on Friday, so I'm using them to practice, cause the colors are a bit out of date and most likely not fitting with anything ... Well if I am lucky I might make something that is "usable" - for other than prototype test projects.
Stay tuned - and see what it will be next time.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My first attempt ... Dresden Quilt

I been playing with my sewing machine today.
And after looking a bit online on different kinda quilt-blocks - I thought the Dresden looked cool, and not to difficult...  So I figured out I give it a try.
It ended up being the worlds smallest place-mat, please excuse the colors - its one of those "what ever is on the top" picks. The "circle" never ended to be a circle - so I figured out I just use the good part of it ... and the round thing in the middle ... didn't work out either ... But I guess it works for a first attempt ?  and I just the old fashion way - drawing on fabric and cutting with scissors.

Friday, June 17, 2011

A tiny splurge ... and a long wait ...

I was in town today and I totally fell in love ... with a fabric.
I have this pattern I got a few weeks back (Cant get into that cause its a secret - to my sister ...) and the plan is that we are going to make a handbag each when she comes to town for her vacation.
Isn't it awesome =)

Problem is ... my sister wants to go on vacation with her husband first ... so poor me and my awesome cute handbag has to wait for I'm guessing 4-6 more weeks ... 
Strange right ... how can vacation be more fun than sewing ... 
But the fabric is awesome right ? 
(I will post pics of the finished projects - when ever that happens) 

Tho maybe the wait is good ... cause the buttons I need ... are still in Cincinnati... 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fabrics Swap - for sewing or quilting

I recently started sewing a bit, and the fact I now gotten a new and fancy sewing machine is making it more fun. I need to find my untapped talents, since so far I think I been the only one in the family that hasnt used the talents we have on a sewing machine. (I been told...)

So I been looking at making small things like little handbags or some quilting projects.
But as it is with most crafts, I am cursed with living in a small town in a small country - with a limited offer on colors and patterns. Its not bad quality - just limited range of the fun and fancy stuff.

So if your in UK or US (or anywhere else) where there is lots of big fabrics stores and cool patterns - and want to swap with someone that has a more limited access to fabrics
I am offering to do a FABRICS SWAP!
To make it more fair - only Printed Cotton.
The fabric I can buy is cut to 44 inches x 14 inches

So I can swap in 44"x14" or 22"x14" or 11"x14" - in printed cotton.
Just a "blind swap" - we agree on size. And then swap.

Contact me if your interested please. And I am in Norway, if your not interested in international swapping.
If you don't want to swap - just dontate some fabrics you dont want anymore - I am open for that too...
Here is a picture of my current bits - this might change from time to time - and is not necessarily what you will get. (Don't seem like white on beige photo so well - sorry)

My New Toy =)

I been trying my best to save for a sewing machine, but never really got there. But due to my mom inheriting some money, she decided to give me one. So I got my new toy this past Wednesday.
Its a Bernina Bernette H70. Ok I know its just a little silly one - but its HEAPS better then my old one, and it has all these fancy new things it can do =)

So now all I need to do is figure out how to make new fun things ...
I am currently busy killing some old and very ugly curtains, that will never ever be hung as curtains again at least ...  Not sure what will live on as ... if they projects even are a success ...

Well Have a look back later to see if I made any progresses in either of my hobbies ...
I am branching out, beads, chain-maille, sewing and cross-stitching.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Rumors has it ...

I should have made and posted something Vampiric style jewelery like a few days ago ...
I totally lost time and energy to make something - I was sure I still had time. Cause no one reminded me to get my head out of the sand and start doing things ...
I do actually have the stuff I needed to do to make mt planed thing ... just not the ability to get it done just now.

So please don't hate me - my health should hopefully stabilize and make me able to do something soon ...
At least I hope so.

I am still around and I still do fiddle with my crafts - things just goes a whole lot slower that usual. I wont go into why cause thats an awful long and boring story.
So keep checking back and sooner or later there will be something new here ...

(and as a PS: my spell check dont work - so please forgive typos)

Monday, May 9, 2011

A strange idea ... maybe...

I have lately been branching out into some other crafts ... And ofc I feel like blogging about some of that too ... but I am curious should I make 2 blogs or have a mixed blog ?
There is ofc good and bad reasons for both - a pure jewelry and a pure sewing blog separate from each other is easier for those followers that is only interested in one or the others ... But on the other hand it will also mean that there might be longer gaps between posts if you have them separately.
Also mixed blogs might give more wide range of ideas and things to read about ...

So I am asking all my readers, if there is anyone left out there, what you think I should do?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Artbeads Design Challenge - What's Old is New Again - And Evinrude flies again...

Although the jewelry making community in the US is large and vibrant, the opportunities here in Norway to join activities that are as fun and challenging as the Artbeads Design Partners program are few and far between, so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I got the mail saying i was accepted to join the ArtBeads Design Partners. And I got to join in the challenges right away. The first challenge was “What’s Old is New Again,” which gave me the chance to work with some vintage looking base metals, which are some of my favorite materials to work with!

It was a lot of fun to stretch my creative dragonfly wings and make something so different from what I usually make. And what can be more fun than showing them off along with so many other talented designers?

Here you can find some of the stuff I used:
Base metal parts:

So I decided to name my creation;
And Evinrude flies again...

I was watching a good old cartoon the other day, The Rescuers. And this cute little dragonfly from ArtBeads reminded me of it.
So I wanted to give a good old friend the chance to fly again.

The funny thing is - Ole Evinrude that made the outboard boat motor that was the inspiration for the dragonfly in the movie. Ironically, his birthday would have fallen on the day my ArtBeads dragonfly arrived in Norway, so it seemed like a tribute to his birth, in 1877. To add to the coincidences, it just so happens that I live within walking distance of the place he was born.

I got as an AB-Design Partner the Swarovski crystals and the base metals components from ArtBeads free of charge. I was asked to give my honest opinions on the products, good or bad.
I am not employed or compensated by ArtBeads in any way.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Button Swap - What I sent...

I earlier this year joined Michelle's Button Swap. And I got partnered with Melodie, and this is what I send her and why.

As I am in Norway, and dont have best access to cool buttons. I tried finding something that had a story behind it. I did find one vintage tho, as in it used to belong to my grandmother - that is about as vintage as I can get it.

So here goes:
1 - My grandmothers vintage pewter button - with a pattern that is based on rock carvings that is from the stone and bronze ages.
I dont really know what exactly they where trying to carv - but it looks cool.

2 - Pewter button - with the pattern of a Birkebeiner which is a skiier that the civil war in Norway between 1130 and 1240 was the rebellious party, and allso helped resque the 2 year old new king to safety.

3 - Pewter button - pattern based on a viking shield.

4 - Wood button - with an oak leaf pattern.

5 - Gold colored button - the store claimed it was coated in real gold, but I picked it just cause it looked cute.

I hope the story on the buttons can be a fun side of this swap. At least I thought it was fun that i could find buttons that gave a bit of norwegian history with them

I can unforunatly not show off what I made.
I havent gotten any buttons,
and there is no more mail this week due to easter.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Back from the dead ... sort off ...

Nature seen to decide I needed a break. For all those that has been wondering, I been knocked out with the flu, for like the last 4-5 weeks. I seem to be mending, and hopefully able to bead something soon.
I have a few projects coming up, a bracelet for a swap, a 3 part design challenge and ofc the button swap.
The bracelet will be shipped in about 2 weeks and ofc not posted before it arrives at its destination.
The design challenge will be posted and revealed (hopefully) in end of May - early June.
The button swap is due at the end of April. I have sent my buttons to my partner - but so far not gotten any back.

Think that is it ... at least there will be somethings to look forward too and read about here soon.
I also have some other plans ... but that is more "wait and see what it turns out too be".

Hope everyone is doing good - and being healthy ... and that my flu is gone for good soon.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Button Swap!

Michelle Mach is doing a Button Swap on her blog. And dont that just sounds like awesome fun =)
So run and have a look - and join the fun.!.html

I cant wait to see how this turns out =)

Monday, February 21, 2011

My Happy Valentine

Perfect Valentines - in nice purple wrapping ...
I forsee more pretties being made in the future =)

Ok so my pressie didnt make it here for Valentines day - but with 1kg off beading yummies - I can wait =)

And I and so happy with 2 more sales this weekend. I think my Muse might like that too =)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Twist on Byzantine

I been totally hooked on Chain Maille - Byzantine lately ... and this is what I came up with when I was fiddling with my rings and trying to do something fun. 
Its kinda stars lined up. Must say I am kinda happy with that one. Even had a few saying its cute =)

Its listed on my ArtFire store - Zerenity-Design - and my shop has a 2 days sale this weekend Feb 12th and 13th, everything is -15% - so go for it and shop til you drop.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Muse, Muse, Muse ... where are you ...

I seem to be stuck lately ... or that is I have an idea on what I want to make, but I dont have the money to buy mats at the moment ... So there is the hunt for "Plan B".  Which ofc I cant seem to find.

I got a new magazine today - a brand new Beadwork. So I felt hopefull that I could find something to jumpstart my creative wibes. And sure I did ... some really cool stuff ... Then we read the mats and big guess - I dont have what I need to make the things I want to try...

So how is it I can have kilos of beads - and never the right ones. Is there some universal law that makes it impossible to have what you need ... at least ones in awhile.

So please Muse, come up with something to do - with the beads and stuff I allready have =)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What to do ...

Why is it allways so hard to figure out what your next project is ...
Why is there days you can sit and stare at your beads for hours - and they wont talk to you at all. I want to try something new - but still with the mats I currently have. And hopefully something that has a sellable use. Since like everyone else - making money would be a perk - a good perk =)
So what is the new "in". And how do you manage to get it made and sold in tome before there is a new "in"?

I think maybe beaded beads ? or ? ....
Any suggestions ?

Monday, February 7, 2011

My New Blog =)

I been dabbling with this blogging thing for a while - more or less successfully.
And I figured out I needed to update my blog for lot of different reasons I wont bother you all with.

But Zerenity Design is up and about and have a new blog, and hopefully I do a better job than with the last one.

My old blog can be viewed at .