Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Yesterdays loot =)

An unplanned trip to town, and some most likely over the top shopping...
But I saw this project on someone blog the other day ... and I SO wanted to do it myself ... Most likely mine wont be as pretty as hers. She had a much easier letter to make look pretty. But more about that later ...

I got the buttons I needed for my project, $55 worth of buttons. Its fun not having a stash to use from and no thrift or second hand stores that sell anything useful...
But hopefully it will be a pretty project when its done =)
Here are the buttons:

I also got some tools for my sewing ... 2 sewing machine bobbins and ... something I don't know what you call in English - I usually just call it murderer, cause it kills tread when you need to undo things ... Yeah I know I'm morbid or weird ...  If someone know what the thing is called, please leave a comment and let me know.

And I got told that it was Sinterklaas (a Dutch December tradition - is all I know since I myself is not Dutch) yesterday, and feeling emo and having a bad day ... I figured out any reason for buying myself a present ... This is my new ruler:

I kinda needed the new ruler - I only had a "6in x 24in" and a "2,5in square"
My new one is a "6,5 in square" - damn thing costed me $30 but I guess its will be worth it =)

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