Thursday, January 5, 2012

Meet little Miss Shawna

I got some fabrics from a friend of mine - and being hooked on my new elephant this morning I wanted to make another one ... Yeah I really need to manage my sleep better or I will most likely end up with ALOT of elephants ...
This morning Purple was the color that I felt like ... Which was funny cause while chatting to my friend Cat I was afk while she suggested to make a purple one with green ears.

This is Little Miss Shawna:

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Elephants from the 70 ... maybe ... 1974

I got this pattern for Christmas, Elephants Softies from RetroMama on Etsy. I love elephants and collect them, I currently have over 800 in different size and quality from diamond earrings to drink umbrellas. so ofc i wanted to make this one too =)
The before I actually managed to make one I started a monthly challenge with my sister, she makes all kinda weird and monster like creature. No clue what her plans are ofc - but I figured out that it could be fun to make all 12 items in my challenge from one pattern ... just different fabrics and decor to make then fit the challenge.

But ofc I needed a prototype, so I know how and where to place any decor or personalizations. I had several options on what I could make it from ... but the one that ended on the top was this crazy patterned fabrics that seem to escaped from the 70s ... The patterns is from my friend in Cincinnati. And I know she knows its the one I liked the least from the ones i got. But this one ended up to be really funny =)

I chose to name this one ... 1974. I think I can love this guy/girl ... not sure what it is ...