Thursday, February 10, 2011

Muse, Muse, Muse ... where are you ...

I seem to be stuck lately ... or that is I have an idea on what I want to make, but I dont have the money to buy mats at the moment ... So there is the hunt for "Plan B".  Which ofc I cant seem to find.

I got a new magazine today - a brand new Beadwork. So I felt hopefull that I could find something to jumpstart my creative wibes. And sure I did ... some really cool stuff ... Then we read the mats and big guess - I dont have what I need to make the things I want to try...

So how is it I can have kilos of beads - and never the right ones. Is there some universal law that makes it impossible to have what you need ... at least ones in awhile.

So please Muse, come up with something to do - with the beads and stuff I allready have =)


  1. Hm, how about type in a word, for example your fav flower or animal, in Google picure search and see what it comes up with? So you could get inspired by color.

  2. Oh I know what color I want to make ... lately my color wishes is red, red and red ....