Monday, June 27, 2011

My new bag =)

For those that have been reading my blog - might remember me having a horrible fit about some stretched fabric the other day. Well I did promise to post my finished project when I got so far...
AND NOW ITS DONE!!! And I am so happy. Ok so the fabric might have been a bit expensive - and there might have been some tantrums along the way... but the bag turned out awesome.
Its a "Lickety Split Bag" from "Made by Rae", and it was nice and easy to make after a good tutorial =)

It was suppose to have pockets on the sides - but since it was my first one - I decided not to add pockets and mess things up. I'll leave that for the next one ... maybe.

Sorry for the weird color of the picture - it's midnight, and the only place I could hang the bag well taking pics, was in the hall way where there is no windows, and it seems that power-saving bulbs don't work for taking pics. 


  1. Inca that is so pretty I love the fabric you've done your bag in....

  2. Thank you T - you see the colors right ... had to work perfect for me =)
    And I do love it too - good thing its there are leftovers - so there will be more projects in this fabric =)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous... was worth all the trouble...