Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pretty in pink ? or maybe not ...

Playing and sewing is fun - but today I was not in the mood to iron and other things. Some days its just too hot to iron right ?
So I found something that was fairly flat as it was. And I found this adorable bunny - works as a scent bag, if you have herbs or so in it. I didn't have herbs - so mine is stuffed with pillow stuffing
Pretty in Pink ?

Again I don't like the colors, but its the skills not the color that is the point when your starting out and practicing right? I know the bunny is suppose to have a face ... but that is on next skill level ...

I got some misc fabrics while visiting my mum on Friday, so I'm using them to practice, cause the colors are a bit out of date and most likely not fitting with anything ... Well if I am lucky I might make something that is "usable" - for other than prototype test projects.
Stay tuned - and see what it will be next time.

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