Monday, June 20, 2011

But I forgot the scissor ...

For some reason - even tho I only cut fabric with my seamstress scissors, just like my mom and grandma always told me, my scissors got a chip in the blade. And ofc that make cutting fabric a PITA.
So since my plans for today got canceled ... and it was estimated dry weather. I took a trip to town to get some scissors. I should guessed the day was going to be bad as soon as I stepped out my door and needed an umbrella. After 3 min in town I was SOAKING wet, even with an umbrella.
But back to the scissors. I checked the sewing store, and got lost in this "Rotary Cutters", don't even thing I saw any scissors. But the cute little rotary cutters costed 285NOK ($47.5) at the sewing shop, and I checked the hobby store 99NOK ($16.5). In the end I ended at a household-crafts-tools shop, they had the same "no name" brand one as the hobby store. But this time for 69NOK ($11.5) - and I got a "self-healing cutting mat" 99NOK ($16.5). And I was so happy with my shopping ...

But I forgot the scissors ...
Guess that's for next time then ... (plan is I have to go to town tomorrow too)

And ofc I had to try it when I got home. I found some misc fabrics, and a 2.5 inches plastic mold. And it is so much fun ... I have a problem tho ... no clue what to do with a million 2.5 inches patches, but I guess I can worry about that later.

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