Monday, April 4, 2011

Back from the dead ... sort off ...

Nature seen to decide I needed a break. For all those that has been wondering, I been knocked out with the flu, for like the last 4-5 weeks. I seem to be mending, and hopefully able to bead something soon.
I have a few projects coming up, a bracelet for a swap, a 3 part design challenge and ofc the button swap.
The bracelet will be shipped in about 2 weeks and ofc not posted before it arrives at its destination.
The design challenge will be posted and revealed (hopefully) in end of May - early June.
The button swap is due at the end of April. I have sent my buttons to my partner - but so far not gotten any back.

Think that is it ... at least there will be somethings to look forward too and read about here soon.
I also have some other plans ... but that is more "wait and see what it turns out too be".

Hope everyone is doing good - and being healthy ... and that my flu is gone for good soon.


  1. welcome back Inca.....hope you're over the flu....I've been in a slump but starting to come around. I have lots to catch up on.....

  2. Yes, welcome back in the blogging world! Hope you can go back to normal beading mode soon.

  3. get writing, girlfriend!!!!! Good to see you up and about :)