Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fabrics Swap - for sewing or quilting

I recently started sewing a bit, and the fact I now gotten a new and fancy sewing machine is making it more fun. I need to find my untapped talents, since so far I think I been the only one in the family that hasnt used the talents we have on a sewing machine. (I been told...)

So I been looking at making small things like little handbags or some quilting projects.
But as it is with most crafts, I am cursed with living in a small town in a small country - with a limited offer on colors and patterns. Its not bad quality - just limited range of the fun and fancy stuff.

So if your in UK or US (or anywhere else) where there is lots of big fabrics stores and cool patterns - and want to swap with someone that has a more limited access to fabrics
I am offering to do a FABRICS SWAP!
To make it more fair - only Printed Cotton.
The fabric I can buy is cut to 44 inches x 14 inches

So I can swap in 44"x14" or 22"x14" or 11"x14" - in printed cotton.
Just a "blind swap" - we agree on size. And then swap.

Contact me if your interested please. And I am in Norway, if your not interested in international swapping.
If you don't want to swap - just dontate some fabrics you dont want anymore - I am open for that too...
Here is a picture of my current bits - this might change from time to time - and is not necessarily what you will get. (Don't seem like white on beige photo so well - sorry)

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